Best Double Stroller Reviews 2016 – Infants & Toddlers

Best Double Stroller Reviews 2016 - Infants ToddlersGetting around with two young kids can be quite an ordeal, and choosing the right stroller for the job can be too. Luckily for moms and dads on the go, there are more options than ever when it comes to transporting your infants and toddlers. As a parent, you have a lot on your mind. You don’t have time to sit down and find out what products are best for your little ones. Well, don’t worry – we’ve done the work for you!

This double stroller comparison will help you figure out which double stroller is right for your growing family. Today’s top rated double strollers are durable, safe, and easy to use. No longer the heavy, clumsy, and inconvenient apparatuses of years past, these double strollers for infants and toddlers are lightweight, maneuverable, and easy to transport, as well as providing a safe and secure ride for the kids. These double stroller reviews will help you learn more about today’s options and select the perfect stroller for your family.

Top 10 Double Stroller Comparison

Britax B-ReadyBritax B-ReadyTandem29.8 lbs55 lbs front, 35 lbs rear$$$$4.4 Stars
Graco DuoGlider ClassicGraco DuoGlider ClassicTandem29.5 lbs40 lbs each$4.4 Stars
Joovy Caboose UltralightJoovy Caboose UltralightTandem22.1 lbs45 lbs each$$4.2 Stars
InStep Safari SwivelInStep Safari SwivelSit and Stand36.6 lbs50 lbs each$$3.8 Stars
Baby Trend Sit N StandBaby Trend Sit N StandSit and Stand30.9 lbs50 lbs each$$4.4 Stars
Contours Options EliteContours Options EliteTandem47 lbs40 lbs each$$$4.5 Stars
Contours Options EliteBritax B-AgileSide by Side28 lbs50 lbs each$$$$4.7 Stars
Chicco Echo TwinChicco Echo TwinSide by Side34.5 lbs33 lbs each$$4.1 Stars
Graco Ready2grow Click ConnectGraco Ready2grow Click ConnectTandem33 lbs50 lbs front, 40 lbs rear$$$4.6 Stars
Kolcraft CloudKolcraft CloudSide by Side23.6 lbs35 lbs each$3.8 Stars

Different Types of Double Strollers

Best Double Stroller ReviewsThe following types of double strollers provide something for every parent. Whether you’re on the lookout for a stroller that can survive your weekend hikes or something convenient for your trips to the grocery store, one of today’s best double strollers is certain to meet your needs. As you compare double strollers, be sure to consider how and where you want to travel with your kids, as this will probably influence what type of stroller you choose.

Side by Side/Twin: Side by side or twin strollers are strollers designed for two tykes, with two seats next to each other. Twin strollers have a number of advantages, especially for your riders. Both passengers have the same amount of arm and leg space, a frontal view, full reclining capability in both seats, and can interact with each other during their ride. Side by side strollers also give mom and dad easy access to and view of both kids.

Most twin strollers also offer the option of attaching an infant car seat, for parents with little ones of different ages, although not many allow space for two car seats. Therefore these strollers are ideal for twins or kids of similar ages. Many parents worry that side by side strollers are too wide to easily fit through doorways or use indoors, but not to worry. This might have been true in the past, but today’s best side by side strollers are much narrower and more convenient for indoor use.

Tandem: Tandem double strollers also have two seats, but unlike their side by side counterparts, the seats are positioned vertically, with one behind the other. These strollers are generally much narrower than twin strollers, making them easier to use in tight or crowded spaces. However, with more weight in the front, these strollers can be a little more difficult to maneuver.

Because only one seat can recline fully, usually the one in the back, tandem strollers are perfect for parents with little ones of different ages, ideally an infant and a toddler. Many tandem strollers also offer the option of attaching two car seats. These double strollers are a great choice for parents looking for a more convenient and compact alternative to the wider side by side design.

Sit and Stand/Stand-On: These strollers offer a unique and innovative design for families with children of different ages, such as an infant and a toddler of walking age. Like tandem strollers, this stroller is designed vertically, with one seat positioned in front, and a standing space with a padded bench in the back for your older child.

Sit and stand strollers are generally smaller and easier to maneuver than their tandem cousins, as the standing area takes up a lot less space than another seat. This standing platform also serves as a handy storage area, when only one passenger is aboard. This newer double stroller model has become very popular in recent years for families with one or two children due to its convenient, user-friendly, and maneuverable design.

Umbrella: Don’t let the name confuse you here. These strollers are dubbed “umbrella” strollers because of their curved double handles and easy folding design, just like an umbrella. These double strollers are generally the lightest, simplest, and often cheapest option for growing families. Umbrella double strollers are constructed using lightweight cloth or vinyl on a basic, easy-folding frame, with limited features.

Despite their simplicity, these strollers are a very popular alternative to their heavier counterparts, especially for vacations. These models rarely exceed 20 to 30 pounds, making them ideal for traveling or on-the-go use. One thing to keep in mind, however: umbrella strollers are intended only for infants 6 months or older who can sit upright.

Jogging: Double jogging strollers generally come in two varieties: all-terrain and fixed wheel joggers. These strollers are a great choice for families looking for a lightweight, maneuverable stroller that can keep up with their active lifestyle. Jogging strollers are perfect for long walks, hikes, or running on pavement or trails.

All-terrain strollers offer side by side or tandem seats and are designed with a front swivel wheel that offers greater stability and maneuverability on rough surfaces. Fixed wheel strollers, on the other hand, have a fixed front wheel, which makes it easier and sturdier for jogging, but less maneuverable. Many also allow you to attach an infant car seat, although this isn’t recommended for jogging.  City Select is a top brand you should definitely look into if you’re looking for a jogger.


Top 5 Double Strollers

With all the strollers available, choosing a double stroller that is right for your family can seem daunting to say the least. Fortunately, this overview help you sort through the countless options to find a stroller that best matches your needs.


Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller

Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller

This year’s award for best double stroller for infants and toddlers goes to the Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller. This tandem-style stroller is highly regarded for its versatility, durability, and convenience. It offers the option to attach two compatible car seats and can carry two children up to 40 pounds each. This stroller also features an extra large storage basket and a parent tray for mom and dad’s convenience.

In addition to all these features, your precious passengers will be riding in comfort in the Graco Duoglider; both seats recline and are fitted with individual canopies and footrests. At a mere $133, this stroller is also one of the cheapest on this list. As the top rated double stroller of the year, the Graco Duoglider Classic Connect Stroller is an excellent choice for families looking for an easy, reliable, and sensibly priced stroller for everyday use.

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Britax B-Ready Stroller

Britax B-Ready Stroller

At first glance, the Britax B-Ready Stroller looks like it’s meant for a single rider, but don’t let appearances fool you. This versatile stroller can be easily converted into a tandem double stroller and can accommodate 14 different seat and car seat configurations. The Britax B-Ready is compatible with most name brand infant car seats. It also offers 4 reclining positions and foam-filled rubber tires for a smooth, comfortable ride.

This innovative stroller is a model of versatility and convenience and can easily accommodate the needs of any growing family. Although it is pricier than the more basic options on this list, this stroller is rated highly for its modern design and user-friendly features. For this and many other reasons, the Britax B-Ready Stroller is considered one of the best double strollers.

Check out our Britax reviews if you’d like to see more from this great brand!

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Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller

The Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller ranks high in this year’s double stroller reviews. This sit and stand stroller is a popular option for families with kids of different ages, as it allows ample room and versatility for an infant or toddler, in addition to an older child.

At a mere 25 pounds, the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller lives up to its name as one of the lightest double strollers on the market. Its easy-folding design also makes it a cinch to transport. In addition to its convenience and maneuverability, the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller offers a number of features, such as a storage basket, large canopy, and a 2-cup child tray. This features, along with a fairly small price tag, make this stroller a great option for families with kids of varied ages.

We have great Joovy reviews if you’d like to read more!

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Graco Ready2Grow Classic Connect LX Stroller

Graco Ready2Grow Classic Connect LX StrollerThe Graco Ready2Grow Classic Connect LX Stroller is a tandem double stroller with 12 possible configurations, offering easy click-in compatibility with Graco brand car seats. This versatile Graco model is essentially a bulkier, sturdier, and more affordable version of the Britax B-Ready.

This stroller also features a convenient storage basket, trays for both parents and their passengers, and secure harnesses to keep riders safe. At nearly 40 pounds, this stroller might not be the best choice for jogging, hiking, or travel, but it is definitely versatile and durable enough for everyday use.

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Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double

Baby Trend Sit N Stand DoubleThe Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double is another extremely versatile model on this year’s list of top rated double strollers. With a number of different configurations, this stroller can be used as a tandem stroller with two seats or a stand-on stroller with a standing area in the rear. It also offers easy attachment of up to two infant car seats.

Like the other strollers on this list, the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double also provides a number of features, such as removable parent and child trays with cupholders, a storage basket, and a one-hand folding option. Its sleek design and versatility as either a tandem or sit and stand stroller makes this stroller a unique and innovative choice for parents looking for a stroller to accommodate kids of different ages. If you’re doing more research, be sure to check out our Baby Trend reviews.

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Choosing the Best Double Stroller


Type of Stroller

The first thing you should consider before choosing a double stroller for your family is what type of double stroller you’ll be looking for. The type of stroller generally depends on how and where you’ll be using it. For example, if you want a lightweight, maneuverable stroller for hikes and runs, you might want to consider buying a jogging stroller. If you love to travel or live in a big city (such as New York), you should look into compact strollers.  If you’re seeking a durable stroller for daily use, a standard side by side or tandem stroller might fit the bill. Check out these Contours reviews. It’s best to know what type of stroller you want before you start shopping, or you may get overwhelmed by the number of options.


Weight and Size

Another point of consideration is weight and size. If you’re planning on travelling with your stroller, for example, you might want to look for something lightweight and easy to transport. If you’re planning on using your stroller mostly indoors, you might consider choosing a tandem stroller, instead of a wider side by side stroller. Whatever your intended use is, be sure to look closely at the weight and dimensions of the products you’re considering, as this can heavily impact the ease and convenience of a given stroller.


Kids’ Ages

Be sure to also consider the ages of your kids. Are they close to the same age? Or do have an infant and an older child who can walk? This might also influence your decision. A standard tandem or side by side stroller is generally the best choice for twins or kids of similar ages, whereas more versatile sit and stand strollers tend to be better for children who are a little further apart in age.



In terms of cost, double stroller prices can vary a lot. More expensive strollers tend to look nicer, offer more features, and last longer. Cheaper strollers might not look as pretty or have be built with fancy materials, but they are still sturdy and reliable for the most part.



Choosing a double stroller for your growing family can be a difficult process. Luckily, there are so many quality products among the best rated double strollers, that it’s hard to go wrong. When in doubt, the best way to tell if a stroller is right for your family, of course, is to read reviews like these and go to the store for a test run before ordering. When shopping around for a double stroller, keep in mind what type of stroller you’re looking for and how you intend to use it, and you’ll be sure to find an option that fits your needs.